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Event Strategist & Consultant    

Event Director & Producer

Event Management 

Sumit Chandhoke, is a leading experiential events expert based in India. His experience of over two decades has seen him lead and grow various top event organizations in the country. His event technology experience curations in India and across the world in cities like Budapest, Bueno Aires, Dubai, Macau and Rome have won him many industry awards and accolades. 

He is also known to have produced the first fully automated show in India, build on a specially constructed forty thousand sq. feet man-made island on the Nalban lake in Kolkata, and for bringing the concept of ‘Future of shopping’ to Amazon India, featuring their Prime Day products and deals in an interactive 3D Virtual Reality environment across India.

His latest venture Tecpinata is a concept technology integration company that uses experiential innovations like swarm show drones, robotic arms, video tracking, automation and more to enhance live event experiences. The company offers  innovative and integrated solutions to make events deliver a memorable visual spectacle.

A stickler for perfection and a passionate technology enthusiast, he has an eye for detailing and has a flair for creating big visual impacts. 

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